Featured Products (Last Updated Jul 15, 2002)

Homeland Security Teachers Syllabus For the past two years, the Director of the ANSER Institute for Homeland Security has taught the homeland security course at the National War College. While the Institute recognizes the demands and issues associated with homeland security are constantly evolving, we have loaded the course syllabus online for the use of individuals in academia who are designing their own class schedule.

Institute 2002 Homeland Security Conference On May 6th and 7th, the ANSER Institute sponsored the first of what will become an annually reoccuring homeland security conference. The conference examined the future of each stage of the homeland security cycle: deterrence, prevention, preemption, crisis / consequence management, attribution, and response. Speakers included Congressmen Mac Thornberry and Christopher Shays, as well as Peter Verga from the Department of Defense and Frank Cilluffo from the Office of Homeland Security. The following document provides a conference summary and captures some of the lessons learned.

National Institute of Justice, Office of Science & Technology. An ANSER team, funded under the National Institute of Justice Cooperative Agreement 98-LB-VX-K021, is developing several applications to aid law enforcement using a system of intelligent software agents and face recognition engines. Please follow the links provided for an introduction to the following products: Missing Children Locator Agent,Child On-line Pornographic Image Eradication System (COPIES),Identiface and the Case Analysis Software Agent.The ANSER team has also developed Text Categorization Agents that will efficiently and reliably locate, read, and categorize Internet text. Text Categorization Agents that will efficiently and reliably locate, read, and categorize Internet text.

The Air Force Instruction 10-2501, Full-Spectrum Threat Response Planning and Operations was prepared by ANSER for the USAF”s Air Staff XONP to provide integration instructions applicable for WMD and other significant threat events across planning and response functions.

Interactive Antiterrorism Training Simulation Camber Corporation, ANSER, Williamson Research & Solutions, and WILL Interactive, Inc. have teamed to develop the Joint Staff and Service-sponsored interactive antiterrorism training for commanders under Camber Corporation’s Army Distributive Learning XXI Contract. This important training simulation movie project will be directed by the Joint Staff, J-3 Deputy Directorate for Antiterrorism and Force Protection, with support from a users group made up of all Services.

Air Force Handbook 10-2502. USAF Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) Threat Planning & Response Handbook, also prepared by ANSER for XONP, provides United States Air Force personnel worldwide with information for pre-incident planning and post-incident response. The handbook supports AFI 10-2501, Full Spectrum Threat Response Planning and Operations, and integrates instructions applicable across USAF planning and response functions.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) J-3 Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) Handbook. This handbook was originally developed by ANSER for the J-3 staff section of the Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The purpose of the handbook was to provide senior Joint Staff officers with a ready WMD pocket reference. Since that time, ANSER has continued to produce and distribute the handbook as a public service. Copies have been purchased by several DoD organizations to include the US Army Chemical School as a conference handout; the Defense Nuclear Weapons School (DNWS) for issue to its students; the US Army Nuclear and Chemical Agency (USANCA) as a staff reference; the US Army Soldier, Biological and Chemical Command for issue to various National Guard units it interacts with; and Navy and Air Force Emergency Ordnance Disposal (EOD) detachments. The handbook has become a popular addition to the packet of materials provided individuals attending WMD symposiums, conferences and workshops. At this time, ANSER has produced and distributed over 5000 copies of the handbook.